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Real Estate

General Information

Kommatas & Associates is experienced in providing advice in this area which is governed by complex legislation. Our clients include mainly construction companies, real estate developers as well as private investors.

We advise on the full range of transactions arising in this field, including in the sale, purchase, leasing, sale and leaseback, development and finance of commercial, industrial and private real estate property. In this context we regularly carry out on-site legal audits of the ownership status of the relevant properties in the competent land registries and/or cadastres and prepare legal audit reports.

We are also experienced in dealing with, documenting and negotiating, landlord and tenant relationships as well as advising on ownership structures, including the establishment of horizontal and vertical property ownership.

  • Work Highlights in the area of Real Estate

    Our recent work in the area of Real Estate includes the following:

    Legal audit of land plots for the installation of solar parks
    We carried out a legal audit of the ownership status of a large number of land plots spread around Greece (in the Prefectures of Florina, Kilkis, Larissa, Imathia, Korinthia) for the installation of solar parks. Our work for the matter involved on-site audits at the relevant land registries and/or cadastres and the preparation of an analytical report which was delivered to our client.

    Lease of real estate properties by a Foundation
    Our firm acted on behalf of a foundation with respect to the lease of a number of real estate properties located in Athens. Our work included advising on the regulatory framework applicable on the exploitation of real estate property owned by foundations, drafting the relevant auction terms, liaising with the competent supervisory authorities, assisting in the auction procedures and drafting the final lease agreements.

    Marina leases
    Kommatas & Associates provides ongoing support and advice to the operator of a local marina in the negotiation, drafting and execution of a number of lease agreements with businesses operating within its premises, including in respect of disputes arising thereunder.

    Management dispute
    We act on behalf of the lessee of a large commercial property in its dispute with the manager of the property as regards the payment of the common expenses.

    Restaurant lease negotiations
    Our firm advises the owner of a commercial real estate property located in a prime location in his negotiations with a local restaurant owner for the conclusion of a lease agreement.

    Acquisition of real estate property for development purposes
    We act on behalf of a construction company operating in the field of luxury estates in respect of the acquisition of a large real estate property located close to a popular winter resort, the establishment of horizontal ownership structures thereon and the negotiation, drafting and execution of the sale contracts with private investors.

    Trading company branch leases
    Our firm advises a local trading company with respect to the lease of a number of properties throughout the country which are used to house its commercial activities.